A Seasonal Lawn Care Program Keeps the Yard Looking Great

Professional lawn care services are available for Colorado Springs property owners who want a beautiful, big yard but don’t have the time to care for it properly. Some people own a residential lot that is just under an acre in size and find the lawn care is more than they can handle. They might choose a professional lawn care program that mows the grass as needed and provides monthly services in spring, summer, and fall.

Seeding and Aeration

An example of service from the company represented at www.jricklawn.com is seeding and aeration. This tends to be required in the spring because of the arid climate in this region. Bare patches of dead grass commonly develop. Lawn care experts recommend seeding in fall too, so customers can schedule this service again before winter.


It might seem like March is too early to start thinking about lawn care, but warm weather can arrive early even while nighttime temperatures dip below freezing. The grass should be mowed when it’s tall enough that the property owner would normally want this done even if it’s only March or April.


The lawn may benefit from nitrogen fertilization at certain times of the year. Usually, at least one application by the company shown at jricklawn.com is done in September or October. An early spring application may be advisable if the grass is not as green and lush as it should be. Otherwise, the technicians will likely wait until May or June for this round of fertilizing the lawn. It should be noted that leaving grass clippings in place while mowing reduces the need for fertilization and does not contribute to thatch.

Autumn Leaves and Evergreen Needles

Some property owners don’t rake leaves or do leaf blowing until spring, but it’s best to have the work done routinely in fall. Otherwise, the grass can become smothered. If a pile of pine needles is not raked away within a few weeks, it will kill the grass.

Pre-Winter Activity

The irrigation system must be shut down before freezing temperatures set in. In this region, that can happen relatively early in autumn. Weather in this region can be unpredictable so the lawn service technicians will advise customers when the appointment should be scheduled.

A lawn care program that tackles all the important aspects will keep the yard looking great and the grass healthy. Property owners who are interested in any of these services may learn about jricklawn at the website.


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